4 Signs Your Heating Might Need Repairs This Winter

You haven’t been trained in HVAC repair, so it’s no wonder you’re just not sure whether your system is in need of repair or replacement. There is one thing you do know for sure, though, and that’s that you don’t want to find it broken come a cold winter morning (or evening or ever). There are a few signs which indicate your HVAC is in need of repair, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for the following.

1. The Cold Wind Blows
When you put the heat on does it seem to be blowing only cold air? If you have a gas heater the first step is to ensure the pilot light is on. If it isn’t then you can re-light it. If it doesn’t stay on, though, there’s a bigger problem at play and repairs will be required.

You may also have an issue with the thermostat. It could be a simple settings issue where you can adjust the temperature and set it to heat. Or, it may be a system failure that requires repair.

2. Runs Constantly

If your heating system is working properly then it will turn itself off and start back up in regular cycles. When the temperature dips further this will likely happen even more frequently. Its job is to maintain the heat in the home at a particular temperature and it does what it needs to do to get that done. However, if it is constantly running it may indicate that there is an issue. The issue could be that it’s too small for your home, though it could also be a clogged filter or a ventilation issue.

3. No Wind Blows
The heater is on, it seems to be working, in fact, most of the rooms in the house are perfectly warm. Yet, a room or two seem to be freezing. The first step you can take here is to ensure there is air coming from the vents in those rooms. If it’s not (or it’s weak) check to make sure that it’s open. If it’s open and still receives no heat there it could be an issue with the system fan. It could also be a problem within the ductwork, such as a crack.

4. Odd Noises
If your heating system is suddenly making noises that you aren’t familiar with then there’s a good chance it’s in need of repair. If there are loud clangs or whistles and squeals then you should call a repair company as something is due to go wrong.

If your heating system is ten years old or more then there’s a good chance it will need to be replaced. The average lifespan is anywhere from ten to twenty years, but it will last much longer if you have it maintained regularly. If repairs have been frequent it’s time to buy a new one. You may also note rising energy bills – if this is the case then there’s definitely something wrong with your system and you should call in the professionals.