5 Benefits of Installing Radiant Floor Heating in Your Bathroom

Radiant floor heating has been used for many years and is preferred for its ability to heat spaces while using minimal energy. This feature is becoming common among homeowners who are utilizing it to heat their bathroom floors. The main reason behind this is that bathrooms always seem colder than any other rooms in a house. Due to this, it is important to install a heating system that enhances the comfort of a bathroom user. This article will provide you with the major benefits of installing radiant floor heating in your bathroom.

1. Comfort

The main reason that you might want to have a radiant floor heating system in your bathroom is comfort. This heating is made to keep your feet warm, thus enhancing your overall bathroom experience. Another advantage is that a radiant floor heating system is quiet, and hence does not disturb your peace when you want to have a good time in the bathroom. Furthermore, the system is made to directly warm the people and objects in a bathroom through touch. This means that it does not disturb any dust or allergens around you. Therefore, we can comfortably say that radiant floor heating is non-allergenic. It does not blow up dust and particles like a forced-air system when distributing heat.

2. Energy Efficient

Radiant floor heating systems are said to be more energy efficient than forced air systems. The reason behind this is that there is no escape route for the heat produced by a radiant floor heating system, as all the produced heat is retained. Another reason why radiant floor heating is energy efficient is that it only needs a few minutes to heat up. This means that you do not have to leave your heating system running continuously for many hours, hence using less energy.

3. Uniform Heating

Another benefit of radiant floor heating is that it offers smooth and uniform heat to your bathroom flooring. This is made possible by the hot water tubes and wires evenly installed under the floor. Unlike a HVAC or air furnace system, which distributes hot air via the vents, radiant floor heating slowly heats up the entire surface. This prevents a situation where hot air accumulates quickly only to disappear after a short while. By using a radiant system, heat is spread evenly and the surrounding flooring heats up in a way it is able to release more warmth.

4. Full Control Over the System

Another great benefit of installing radiant floor heating is that you have full control over the system. You can control when to heat up your bathroom floors and for how long. Therefore, if you know that you will not be using the bathroom, you can go ahead and switch off the system, and turn it on when you really need it. In addition to this, you will have options on the exact time you would like to heat up your bathroom. These control features are very useful especially if you leave in an area where the weather changes drastically without warning.

5. Requires Little Maintenance

Radiant floor heating does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, your system is made to last for over 20 years without any issues. If any problem occurs, your professional is the one to handle it. This means that you might never have to do any maintenance on it. The little maintenance needed on your radiant floor heating system means that this is a very affordable way to heat up your bathroom. Furthermore, radiant floor heating is very easy to install. The electrician at work does not have to do a lot to make sure your radiant system is up and running. This helps you minimize on installation costs, making radiant floor heating one of the most cost effective system you can install in your bathroom.

You would not want to enjoy a hot steam bath or shower and then find yourself stepping onto an icy cold floor. This will definitely cause an electrifying chill, which will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Radiant bathroom heating is a bathroom feature that can come to your rescue by making your bathroom the relaxing place it is supposed to be. With this system, you no longer have to wear socks while washing up or hop from rug to rug to avoid the cold floor. Furthermore, it is an energy efficient way to keep your bathroom warm during those frosty winter days.