5 Things You Need to Know About Getting Your Boiler Serviced

Boiler servicing, however important it is, is something that is quite often overlooked in the yearly maintenance of your home. Boiler maintenance is one thing that may not make the top of the priority lists, however having this task performed yearly can save you a lot of money in the long run, and will prevent premature failure, at the worst possible time.

Your boiler is something that you most likely use very regularly and features moving parts. These two facts are the main reason why servicing it is so vital. A lot of people are convinced that boilers do not need servicing, however, here are some reasons that might make you change your mind.

Preventative Maintenance Finds Problems Before They Become Too Big to Fix

Most boilers are used every day of the year. A lot of people don’t realize that boilers are used for more than just heating purposes in winter. Every time you use hot water in your home, it comes from your boiler, and because you use it so often throughout the year, it’s even more important to make sure it is working properly before winter comes around.

Now that we are heading into summer, it’s the best time to have your boiler serviced. Servicing the system right after its most used period will ensure any underlying problems that have been building up in the system are repaired when you don’t need it constantly. Issues with your boiler will get worse if you don’t fix them early. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Repairs are cheaper than replacing

Regular maintenance on your boiler will pick up small problems that can turn into big problems over time and repairing them when they are small problems is a whole lot cheaper than replacing the whole system when the little issues could have been dealt with already. A well-maintained boiler will almost always last longer than one that has never been serviced, and preventative maintenance will save you money.

Save On Utilities

Long-term money saving is the main reason to service your boiler. It will save you on replacement of the system, it will save you money on your utility bills. The more efficient the boiler is, the more money it will save you. How do you make it more efficient? Regularly service and maintain it. Efficient boilers use less energy to run, making them better for your budget, and better for the environment.

Ensuring the safety of your home’s occupants

Servicing keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, however one other thing regular maintenance does is allows problems to be found before they are too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning is commonly linked to faulty boiler systems, and regular maintenance helps to pick up any issues that could cause a fault that can cause this type of poisoning.

It is the law if you are a landlord.

If you are a landlord, you have a duty of care under New Jersey landlord-tenant law to maintain your rental property, for safety, and this includes annual safety checks for boilers.