What Are Humidifiers Used For?

Electric air purifier in the room

The dry air indoors can cause dryness of the skin and nasal passages, which may in turn trigger frequent coughs and other respiratory problems. Humidifiers can help slow the spread of germs and other floating microorganisms in the air as they combine with moisture and simply drop or get cleaned away. If the air in … Read more

How Do Commercial HVACs Work?

huge air conditioning unit, central heating and cooling system control

Air Conditioner An air conditioner is common in both commercial and residential HVAC systems. It serves the purpose of dehumidifying the air and expelling heat from the building. However, the air conditioner does not work alone to cool the building since some other parts and sub-elements work together to cool the building. Air Handler The … Read more

What is HVAC Zoning And What Are Its Benefits?

HVAC zoning systems are designed to regulate temperature differences in various floors or corners of the house and provide personal preferences on the temperature settings. It is quite difficult to overcome fluctuations in temperature that create variable heating or cooling in your house. The temperature fluctuations can be caused by the physics of heat, the … Read more

Is Gas Heating Better Than Oil?

When buying boilers for heating water, most homeowners have been caught up in the heated debate; between oil and gas, which is better for heating? Based on extensive research, oil is a better option when it comes to heating water. This article seeks to find out why gas heating is better than oil. Energy Efficiency … Read more

Pros and Cons of using a Humidifier at Home

It is important to maintain a proper level of moisture in your home as it is vital for your health. If you live in a place with relatively low humidity, then you might consider purchasing a humidifier to balance the level of moisture in your house. A humidifier adds moisture to the existing air inside … Read more

Is a Flue Liner Necessary?

A flue liner refers to the tube that is attached to the stovepipe in order to line up the inner part of the chimney. It is also known as the chimney liner and most people who have a fireplace are not aware of what happens in the inside parts of the chimney. It is therefore … Read more

What is Chimney Lining and what are Its Benefits?

A chimney lining is a conduit installed inside a chimney to protect the inner walls of the chimney and the masonry from damage by heat and corrosion from combustion. Most chimney liners are made of clay or ceramics but aluminum and stainless steel have been introduced as an alternative, due to their high efficiency. Whatever … Read more