What Is Central Air Conditioning

If you are trying to smoothly transition into summer each year without relying on air conditioning throughout your home, it can be quite uncomfortable at times. There are many types of air conditioning units you can install into a home, from window units to full-sized multi-zone automated systems. Central air conditioners are also known as … Read more

Manage Your Thermostat: Keep Cool and Spend Less

Even if your air conditioning unit has been well maintained and correctly prepared for the summer, your system still may not be running as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Several different factors play a role in the heating and cooling of your home such as your thermostat as well as insulation. It is very important to … Read more

You Better Know the Basics

Unless, you’re particularly handy, the majority of people are not as knowledgable about HVAC as say…a professional technician *cough cough* There’s a lot of parts (literally and figuratively) involved in air conditioning and it can be challenging to know exactly how each aspect contributes. The infographic below makes it a little less daunting and provides some tips … Read more