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3 Main Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems are a very good choice when it comes to home and business heating solutions. Many people consider radiant floor heating systems to be the best form of heating available and with the benefits that come with these types of systems, there is no wonder. Radiant heating offers many benefits, including the following.

Thermal Comfort

Radiant heat systems offer amazing human thermal comfort, and during the harshest of winters, knowing that you will be in a consistent temperature space means you will reduce the chances of getting sick. You will also remain comfortable all winter, from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you get back in.

Radiant floor heating systems gently warm the surface of the floor and work on the rising heat to consistently heat the entire space. Other systems heat the air, which can create a dry environment, causing dehydration. Air heating systems are also typically mounted at the top of the room near the ceiling, forcing the air down, only to rise again, wasting valuable energy and heat.

The warm surfaces created by radiant floor heating systems significantly reduces heat loss, allowing most people to feel happy at room temperatures lower than standard forced air-based systems. This also means that not only are you getting higher levels of comfort, but you are also using less energy to do so. Heating from the ground up makes sense, because heat rises.

An Invisible System

Heating systems, although necessary in most areas of North America, can look unsightly and take up unnecessary space. One of the main benefits of radiant floor heating systems is that they don’t take up valuable space inside your home. Radiant floor heating systems are located under your flooring and remain out of site while still performing better than most other types of systems.

Most heat emitters with other types of systems restrict where you can place furniture. However, with radiant heating systems, the floor itself is the heat emitter, so there is no need to be choosy where you put your furniture. Aesthetics of your home are simply not affected at all by the installation of a radiant floor heating system.

Quiet and Environmentally Friendly

One of the most annoying things about a lot of heating systems is that they tend to create a lot of noise. Radiant floor heating systems make little to no noise at all. Correct installation will mean the system will remain quiet. The only part that makes noise on radiant floor heating systems is the burner itself, and these are usually hidden away well out of sight, and sound.

Radiant floor heating systems reduce your energy usage compared to most other forms of heating. Radiant floor heating systems that rely on natural gas have the best energy saving options and the savings not only come from the type of fuel used in the powering of the system. The savings are due to the system’s ability to sustain comfort at lesser temperatures and the capacity to run with lower water temperatures. With energy prices constantly rising, the need for low usage systems is becoming more popular.

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Reasons To Get Radiant Floor Heating This Winter

It’s a cold morning and you’re ready to get out of bed. Your feet touch the floor and you recoil in shock! It’s like stepping out into the snow, barefoot!

Waking up on a cold winter’s morning can be a dreaded thought, knowing that when your feet leave your toasty bed and touch the icy floor, your body wants to retreat straight back under the comfort of your duvet, and never get back out.

Although a lot of homes don’t actually feature built in radiant floor heating, there are a number of reasons you should definitely consider it as an option for your home this winter.

What is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating systems deliver heat directly to the floor of a house. The systems run on radiant heat transfer, which is the delivery of heat straight from the hot surface by means of infrared radiation. There are actually three main styles of radiant floor heat, including electric radiant floors, hydronic (or liquid) radiant floors and radiant air floors.

There are many obvious benefits to radiant floor heating and a quality radiant floor heating system can change your life during winter by providing you with supreme comfort. Although the upfront costs of installing a radiant floor heating system to your home, the overall long-term savings will be worth it, as will the warmth beneath your feet when winter hits.

Here are some of the best reasons you should install radiant floor heating this winter.

Comfort and Quiet

Walking barefoot through your home will no longer be feared. Year-round total comfort is provided with radiant floor heating. There will also be no more noise from fans, blowers and radiators. Radiant floor heating is the silent alternative, so you’ll not only be comfortable, you’ll be able to enjoy that comfort in silence.

Efficient and Clean

Around 30% of heat is lost with forced air heating systems. Fortunately radiant floor heating is more efficient, because more heat is retained in the structure of your floor. So not only will you be saving energy, you’ll be saving money as well when your utilities bills come in!

Not only is it more energy efficient, but indoor air quality is concerning for most people, and radiant floor heating does not circulate the air like fan forced systems. This means allergens are not spread throughout the home.


Radiant floor heating systems are completely concealed so the aesthetics of the inside of your home won’t be compromised. You don’t have to arrange the furniture around it, just enjoy it!

Zoning and Versatility

Multiple thermostats can be fitted throughout your home and connected to a control system that allows you to alter the heat in different zoned areas of your home. There are many options when it comes to radiant floor heating and your local professional installers can give you specific advice to suit your needs and home size.

Radiant floor heating systems are one of the most efficient heating methods and one of the most environmentally friendly options.