What is the Best Way to Childproof a Gas Wall Heater?

As children learn to be mobile, they are faced with some opportunities to find danger due to their curiosity. One such danger that your child might be exposed to is a gas wall heater. Old models, especially, can present a serious danger because they can get very hot to the touch. To reduce any issues to your child, you need to childproof your gas wall heater. This article gives information on how to go about this childproofing process.

How to Childproof a Gas Wall Heater – Step-by-Step

Step One

Close up of hand adjusting heating thermostat. Central heating concept

The first thing you need to do is turn off the gas wall heater then drill a 1/8 inch hole through the gas wall heater encasement with one hole around each grate. The holes you create during this step should be smaller than the diameter of the screws you plan to use.

Step Two

The next thing is to measure the length and width of the wall heater grate using a tape measure. Next, use tin snips to cut out an equal-sized screen. Line up the screen over the grate and ensure that the edges do match properly with the grate. Get a screwdriver and use it to screw 9/16 inch screws through the screen onto the holes you had created. Ensure you screw down tightly so the screw heads are level with the screen’s surface.

Step Three

After you are done with the two steps, it is now time to set up a hearth gate around the gas wall heater in a way that the mounts will be touching the wall. Depending on the specific hearth gate you have, the mounts may have a space for two to four screw holes. You can use the other 9/16 inch screws or the ones that came with your hearth gate to screw the mounts properly against the wall.

When you are done, you can now continue using the gas wall heater without any worries of it being an issue to your kids.

Other Things to Do to Childproof Your Gas Wall Heater

  • Use a Baby Gate

You can go to a baby store near you and get a baby gate. Ensure you can secure it to prevent your child from knocking it over or moving it. If you decide to place the gate close to the heater, ensure that it is at least an arm’s length away to prevent probing fingers from reaching through the slats or mesh.

  • Use a Fireplace Screen

You can get a fireplace screen and place it just in front of the gas wall heater. When you install this screen, make sure that it is firm enough so that your child does not push or lean against it. It should also be far away from the heater such that little fingers cannot reach the mesh. You may have to attach it to the wall temporarily until your child is old enough to learn not to touch the wall heater.

  • Use a Wall Heater Cover

You can also use a wall heater cover to prevent your child from gaining access to the heater. You can get a wall heater cover at your local hardware or store. As you get the cover, make sure that it properly fits the model you have. If you cannot find a good cover, check online to see if you can get one.

  • Build Your Own Heater Cover

Another thing you can do is build your own heater cover. This will be possible only if you are handy with tools. You can check online for DIY methods on how to build the cover. With the right building experience, you can complete this task in just a few hours. You can get supplies and materials for the job at your local hardware or store. If you are not skilled enough for this task, you might want to hire an expert to help you out.

Gas wall heaters are some of the most hazardous appliances in your home to small children since they are easily accessible. Due to this reason, you need to take it up to yourself to protect your kids from any harm that may be caused by these heaters. We have explained how to go about childproofing your gas wall heater so you have some knowledge about it. However, this process can be quite dangerous, a major reason why you might want to leave it to the professionals. Experts have the required knowledge to childproof a gas wall heater without causing any harm.