What Kind of AC Units Are There?

Air conditioners have gradually grown to become one of the most common appliances in the majority of American homes. There exist different types of air conditioners and they are uniquely built based on the space where they are to be installed. They also depend on other reasons such as the geographical location, home size, and the preferences of the homeowner, which the manufacturer ought to satisfy accordingly. They consume a sizeable amount of your budget hence choosing the best one is vital for the sake of your finances in the pursuit of comfort and reduced levels of energy consumption. This article discusses the several types of conditioners and their variations in design, functionality, and effectiveness.

  • Basic Central Air Conditioner

This is the most common air conditioner amongst them all. It can be readily found in many homes and it does not entail major sophistication as it involves a combination of the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor all together as one entity.

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It employs a ducted system, which uses the ducts installed in your home to regulate the air in a very efficient manner.

This conditioner is preferably placed on the roof for optimal performance. However, in some homes, it can be found placed on the slab and it is all dependent on the type of the house, its design, and the available space. Its distinguishing feature is that it can be used together with coils or a gas furnace in a home or building.

It is ideal for a big home with multiple rooms and it can be combined with the recent HVAC technology for a fitting experience. Its only undoing is high and escalating energy bills and technicalities whenever issues arise with regard to the ducts.

  • Window Air Conditioner

These conditioners are better suited for small spaces. They have been repetitively hailed as the best conditioners for miniature spaces and even though they come in different sizes, it is crucial to point out that a large window air conditioner would still be perfect even for a small space provided it is a continuously open space.

It comes as a single entity or unit with all its components placed inside. Modern window air conditioners have controls on the unit and they are installed in a window. They ought to be cleaned often for heightened efficiency hence they have a filter that opens outwards in order to simplify the cleaning. They are affordable and easy to maintain and great for limited floor spaces. However, they might be obstructing hence inhibiting light from penetrating into the house while also affecting the aesthetic pleasure of having a pleasurable view.

  • Mini Split Ductless

They are specifically designed for houses that lack ductwork. They are a good fit for contemporary homes and they are slightly different from the above-mentioned ones as they involve the use of both an outdoor compressor and a condenser, which is properly interlinked with an air-handling unit. It is worth noting that this could also be more than one in some instances.

However, each room needs its own distinct unit properly mounted on the wall. This implies that the temperature in each room can be manipulated without necessarily adjusting that of the other adjacent rooms. They are preferred because of their energy efficiency but they come at a cost hence could end up being overly expensive if you opt to have them installed in each room in your home.

  • Portable Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, it can be readily moved from one room to another. It has a close resemblance to the window air conditioner as it also has all its components well fitted in one unit. It can be placed anywhere, as it is free-standing. This conditioner only needs to be plugged into a power source and strategically placed near a window from which it can extract the air with the use of its funnel.

It is great as it is cheap, easily transferable and perfect for spot cooling. However, it could be very noisy and it cannot amply satisfy the cooling needs of very large rooms or vast spaces.

  • Smart Air Conditioner

This will be discussed as the final one as it has come to revolutionize the cooling industry. It entails a combination of both window, portable and mini-split conditioners. It involves enhanced innovation as it uses Wi-Fi to come up with a global network control with the use of smart technology. They allow for scheduling and temperature control and this enhances energy efficiency and comfort. However, they are pricey and require Wi-Fi for optimal performance and utilization.

This article has been a helpful guide for determining what type of AC unit you need. If your home is looking to get an air conditioner, but are unsure which one will work best for you and your needs, be sure to reach out to experts for assistance.