Is Gas Heating Better Than Oil?

When buying boilers for heating water, most homeowners have been caught up in the heated debate; between oil and gas, which is better for heating? Based on extensive research, oil is a better option when it comes to heating water. This article seeks to find out why gas heating is better than oil.

  • Energy Efficiency

Amongst all fuels, oil is the fastest way to heat water. Oil produces around 1400 BTUs of energy, compared to just a 1000 BTUs of energy tapped from heating gas. For this reason, oil has been found to double the rate of heating water, when compared to the rate at which gas heats water. Overall, oil burns approximately 16% more than natural gas; hence, it is a more efficient fuel for heating. Another major concern is the use of appliances. New oil heating systems have considerably more efficient, from 83% to 95% and can last almost twice as much.

  • Safety¬†

Many are the times we hear from the news of families being wiped out by gas leak accidents. Some other times we often see people coming to fix gas leak issues in most neighborhoods. However, it takes long to see or hear accidents related to the use of oil heating systems. This can be attributed to the fact that gas is highly explosive and does not give warning when something is faulty. The recent technology now removes about 90% of the harmful sulfur content and this means it does not produce fumes. In case there is a fault in the oil heating system, the oil heating system emits carbon monoxide gas to alert residents.

  • Eco-Friendliness

The overall combustion of oil is 16% more than that of natural gas, and this means that the chances of producing carbon are almost zero. Unlike in the past where oil heating used to produce toxic fumes, nowadays oil is being passed in a sophisticated system to remove most of the toxic sulfur. Usually, about 93% of the content is removed, something that makes oil more eco-friendly. Gas, on the other hand, burns to a lesser extent and has a lower recovery rate. This means that it produces toxic carbon into the house. When this carbon finds its way into the atmosphere, it destroys the ozone layer, which in turn contributes to global warming.

  • Demand and Supply

Even if oil exploration and drilling are faced with lots of calamities and conflicts, there is still enough amount of oil in the world. The supply of oil does not seem to get to depletion any time soon. Every region in the world has an oil-producing nation hence its dependency. Even those countries that do not have their reservoirs usually depend on those that have more than enough to sell. This, therefore, means that there is plenty of oil. Natural gas on the other hand is a rare resource and only a few countries in the world have natural gas mining.

  • Cost Factor

Due to its scarcity, natural gas is more expensive than oil. Furthermore, a gas heating system is expensive and its installation will cost you a couple of bucks. The worst-case scenario is when you decide to convert an oil heater into a gas heater. This process is extremely complicated and expensive. Oil heating appliances, on the other hand, are relatively cheap. This is made possible by the fact they are easy to install. An oil heating system saves you money because it is fitted with features for optimum combustion. This means that a gallon of oil produces more heat energy than a gallon of natural gas.

  • Dependability and Cleanliness

Due to its higher rates of combustion and recovery, oil is very efficient because it will heat water faster than gas. The best thing is that it does not produce soot that stains the heating appliance. Gas, on the other hand, produces soot that stains the heating appliance. It burns incompletely and at a slower rate, which means that you will wait a little longer for your water to get hot.

With the previously mentioned favorable circumstances and impediments of both gas and oil, you should now settle on an informed decision dependent on your financial limit and needs. However, oil seems to be the best option because it is energy efficient and eco-friendly. If you are looking for a financially savvy, safe, and solid approach to warm your home, an oil heater could be your best alternative. Nevertheless, if you are still confused, then consider asking an expert for assistance.