It’s Cold Out, Is Your Heating System Functioning Right?

Having a well-functioning heater is vital in the seasons of extreme cold to ensure that the temperatures in your house do not spiral out of control. Some heating systems tend to fail when it is cold outside due to varied reasons. It is therefore critical to ensure that you are well informed about the dos and don’ts and the maintenance tips that could aid ascertain that your heater is functioning optimally throughout the cold season without any defects and unwarranted glitches. What are some of the indicators your heating system is dysfunctional? What are some of the maintenance checks that can guarantee that your heater is in pristine condition? This article will delve deep and identify some of the ways that you can employ to make sure that your heating system is working well in a bid to shield you from the issues associated with the extremities of the cold season.


This is an essential component of a heater. The fact that it is normally situated inside can make it ignored often, as it does not endure the usual outside harsh weather conditions. Many people, therefore, forget that if used for so long and beyond the cold season, it is similarly prone and susceptible to wear and tear.

HVAC heating and air conditioning

The heating system should be working properly, to keep your house warm

This, therefore, necessitates preventative maintenance by a licensed professional to ensure that the heater is well maintained and to avoid future major repairs associated with ignored issues from the onset. A change of the air filter regularly could suffice among other preventative maintenance ways to make sure that the furnace and the overall heater are operating seamlessly in the cold season. Checking the flue and the chimney to ensure that they are okay is also a decent mode of maintenance. This also includes ensuring that there are no cramped bird nests and that no significant damage has been caused by the severe storms usually present in the summer. Continuous passage of gas through the pipes is also essential hence rendering it vital to make sure that the pipes are still well interconnected and that all the combustion gases are being readily rid of by the exhaust pipes.

Heat Pumps

The condenser of the heat pump is quite delicate as it is usually placed outside. In preparation and contemplation of the cold season, it is important to ensure that the condenser is placed in a well-guarded and protected area to ensure that it is not ruined or destroyed by debris. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that the condenser does not fail especially pertaining to the defrosting aspect. Defrosting is a mechanism with which the condenser operates and its failure to culminate in the freezing of the entire heat up resulting in the pump being overwhelmed by ice. Other checks include ensuring that all the lines from the condenser outside to the air handler are well inspected and maintained during the winter inspections and that the reverse valve is functioning well if your heat pump is the type that cools and heats simultaneously.

Ceiling Fans

Some ceiling fans could make you think that you have the biggest heating problem in winter merely because they are not turned on, especially because with the advent of technology, some ceiling fans have a distinct reverse setting primarily geared for the colder months. The same should be on to make sure that the warm air is constantly moving and to eliminate any concerns that your heater is not functioning well in the cold winter season.

Avoid Overstretching the Furnace

Many people will put the furnace to test thus testing its boundaries in a way that is only detrimental to its overall functioning. Do not crank up the heater by adjusting the thermostat higher as this could only damage the heating system, as it will still not maintain the temperature that you are desirous of.

Blocked Ducts

This was indirectly mentioned above in passing. Ducts are of utmost significance to a heating system to ensure that warm air is well passed throughout the home in the winter season. Dirt, debris, and other obstructers can clog ducts hindering the unrestricted flow of air over time. A licensed HVAC technician is quite helpful and can aid in this further, cleaning and maintaining the air filters also prevents the blockage of the ducts in the long run thus ensuring that the pathways are open and ultimately guaranteeing that the whole heating system will not fail you.
The aforementioned are the diverse ways in which you can know and also ensure that your heater is working okay in the cold winter season thus you stand as properly guided. To alleviate any concerns in case of a blur, do not hesitate to indulge in the services of a licensed HVAC professional.