Manage Your Thermostat: Keep Cool and Spend Less

Even if your air conditioning unit has been well maintained and correctly prepared for the summer, your system still may not be running as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Several different factors play a role in the heating and cooling of your home such as your thermostat as well as insulation. It is very important to be mindful of how high and low you set your thermostat, especially when sleeping and when out of your house. While we all want to be nice and warm while we sleep or come home to a toasty house after a vacation or weekend trip, unnecessary heating can run your gas bill through the roof. Knocking your thermostat down one degree at night or a few while you’re away can make a massive difference in your costs, as shown in the graphic below. The same thing applies during the summer with air conditioning; raising your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature (while still at a comfortable level, of course) will allow you to save more money.

On days when there is no blistering heat, temporarily turning off the AC system and opening windows can be highly economical whilst still efficiently cooling the interior of the house via wind ventilation. Opening windows on both sides of the house as well as windows on different levels ensures a sufficient cross breeze of cool air from lower levels pushing out the hotter air that rises. Plus the fresh air is always a wonderful change of pace!

Another important aspect to be aware of is that your doors and windows are properly fitted. If there are any gaps, comfortable interior air may escape and unwanted outside air may creep in so be sure to seal any of the areas that may need it. Insulation goes along with this, both cool air in the summer and heat in the winter can become diminished from insulation that is not thick enough. Also, adding insulation in your attic keeps the heat from escaping during the winter and lowers the temperature of the attic in the summer. Each of these components must work together cohesively in order for you to get the most out of your money. Having an efficient system keeps your home comfortable, your wallet full, and your need for HVAC service and repair at a minimum.