Reasons Zoning Is So Important

You are probably familiar with HVAC zoning because it’s something that you have seen at work or in someone else’s home. It’s never something that you have considered important for your own home, though, which needs to change. Zoning is so important for so many reasons. Firstly, there may be certain areas of your home that need more or less heat/cooling. For example, there may be a spare room which is rarely inhabited and doesn’t need the heat that the living room or your own bedroom does.

The Basics of Zoning

Perhaps the best way to describe zoning as a whole is – it’s much like having a separate HVAC unit in every area of the home. So it increases comfort and reduces costs.

For example, a typical home has one HVAC unit and if that home is 2-stories the AC or heating is split in half between each level. However, if you were to have a zoned system you can instead divert the airflow where it’s really needed, thus getting the best from your system and more bang for your buck. Additionally, zoning reduces how often the system cycles off and on which is another way to save money and prolong your system’s life.

There are numerous benefits to zoning your HVAC – you should speak to a professional about how best to zone your home.

The Benefits of Zoning

It’s Simple – There are various options when it comes to zoning, from two to four or more. For more zones, there will be additional work as your ductwork may need to be expanded. The best way to decide what is right for you is to speak to a professional and determine is right.

Regardless of how many zones you need each one will be wired to a central panel so you can control each zone from one location.

Adaptable Zoning
– A zoned system is one of the most efficient ways to utilize air indoors. You won’t be using every room in your home at the same time, so you can simply heat the necessary areas as and when required. This is especially useful if certain rooms change temperature as the sun makes its way around different areas of your house throughout the day. If there’s a room that catches a lot of sun then it won’t need the heat other rooms do, but come summer it might need extra air conditioning. Thanks to zoning, you can get this just right.

It’s Energy Efficient & Cost Effective – A zoned system that has been designed by a professional is more energy efficient than a standard system, which means you save money. Because you have control over each room’s temperature you can enjoy the correct temperature in every room and benefit when your energy bills arrive.

Yes, the initial outlay will be more expensive than a traditional HVAC installation, however, it will pay you back in long-term energy savings.

Regardless of how many zones you need each one will be wired to a central panel so you can control each zone from one location. Call a professional from our team today for more information.