Schedule Your NJ Furnace Service Before Fall

The dog days of August can seem like a strange time to be thinking about your furnace, but smart home owners know that being prepared can save you expense and cold days later in the year.

Chances are you turned off your furnace in April or maybe May when it finally warmed up this spring and haven’t touched it since.  It may have been working perfectly when you turned it off, or it might have been acting a little strange, but it got you through the winter, so you haven’t been too worried about it.

But now as the kids get ready to head back to school and rainy days have just a touch of chill in them, it’s time to schedule your NJ furnace service.

It’s dusty

After sitting untouched for a few months, your furnace is dusty and who knows what type of nastiness is attached to those dust spores. Dust is the perfect carrier for pollen and viruses, so while you’ve been down the shore enjoying the summer sun, your heating system, especially the ducts, has been collecting the things that could make you sick the first time you turn it on.

By scheduling your furnace service before NJ fall starts, you can help ensure that your family enjoys a healthier fall. Getting the ducts cleaned can eliminate mold, mildew and dust that have collected over the summer, giving you a fresh start as autumn sets in.

You also may be able to avoid costly repairs by having your furnace serviced before the first time you need to turn up the thermostat. Professional HVAC teams can inspect your furnace, identifying potential problems before they become a serious expense.

They can also help you identify the right filters for your heating system and get you started on a maintenance schedule to replace those filters when they get dirty.

It’s old…maybe

Whether your heating system is old or brand new, preventative maintenance can help keep you from experiencing a breakdown when there’s snow or freezing rain outside. It can also help you avoid problems most people don’t even think about like house fires.

Part of your twice-a-year heating system inspection should be a review of the wiring. Your HVAC technician will check the the wiring and let you know of any places where the wiring may be looking a little old or may have somehow been damaged.

It’s been grassed

Depending on your heating system, your HVAC technician may also need to visually inspect the unit to see if your summer lawn maintenance has negatively affected your heating system. Heat pumps and outdoor air conditioning units need to be kept free of blowing leaves and grass clippings. Even if you’ve been diligent about keeping the outdoor part of your system clean, it’s good to have a professional check for debris build up or other damage.

It’s time

Another reason to call and schedule your furnace service in August is that you have some flexibility and some time. When you wait until there is an emergency, you’ll likely be paying emergency prices for repairs and making the appointment whenever the system fails.

By scheduling early, you have the most flexibility and grated availability. HVAC technicians will be more able to work around your schedule, preventing the need for you to miss work or schedule an after-hours call.

It saves you money

Preventative maintenance saves you money in two ways. First, it helps detect problems while they are small and less expensive to fix. It saves you the cost of an emergency repair and the inconvenience of being without heat. Second, it may save you money in energy costs. Everything from a dirty filter to a loose wire may impact the way your furnace uses energy. When you have a professional HVAC technician inspect the equipment, you might just save on energy costs.

When you are ready to schedule your heating system maintenance, we’ll be there. You can contact us when your ready to start saving money.

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