Signs that Indicate you Might Need Water Heater Repair in NJ

Many homeowners choose to ignore problems with their water heaters, and instead wait for their unit to go completely out rather than making repairs. The fact is that most water heater repairs are relatively minor, yet can greatly extend the life of your system. Here are some signs that indicate water heater repair in NJ could be needed.

Water Doesn’t get Hot Enough
Water that doesn’t quite seem to get hot enough is usually caused by a broken heating element or burner inside the unit. You may be tempted to simply turn up the temperature; however, by doing so, you increase your risk of scalding. Setting your temperature higher will also increase your operating costs-often by more than what the price of repairs would have been to start with.

Low Supply of Hot Water
If it seems you run out of hot water long before you have used your 30, 40, or 50-gallon maximum, this too could mean there is a problem with your burner or element. There could also be an issue with the dip tube inside your unit that in turn allows cold water to build up in the bottom of your tank. Repairs could be needed to ensure you have enough hot water to meet your family’s needs.

Brown Water Coming from your Faucet
Brown water often results from flushing the water lines, and is usually only temporary. On the other hand, brown water caused by a water heater malfunction may occur on a regular basis because rust or sediment has built up inside your tank. You may notice discolored water coming only from your hot water faucets, which is a telltale sign that something is amiss inside your tank. Having a professional flush and then refill your water heater is usually all it takes to eliminate this problem.

Unusual Noises Inside your Tank
Most water heaters operate very quietly, except when they are filling. Even so, they may begin making unusual noises just before major repairs are needed. If you notice your water heater hissing, churning, gurgling or making other odd sounds, you should have your unit inspected by a professional. This is especially true of gas water heaters that hiss, as this could indicate a very dangerous leak.

Even small leaks coming from your water heater can be problematic, as they can easily turn into bigger ones that might eventually cause the entire area to flood. Homeowners often attempt to patch small leaks, only to find they reappear a short time later. Other may place a drip pan under the leak in an effort to contain it. As the leak becomes bigger, the pan may not hold all the water, causing it to spill out and damage the floor. If you notice even a slight drip coming from your water heater, you should have it inspected immediately.

Electric Water Heater Repeatedly Trips the Breaker
An electric hot water that continuously trips its breaker could result from a thermostat problem or from water coming into contact with electrical lines. The latter is especially dangerous, and is something you should not attempt to repair on your own. If you experience this, leave your breaker off and contact a technician at once for repairs. You should also secure the area to make sure family members or pets do not come in contact with your water heater until after repairs have been made.

Should you notice any of these issues, it’s time to take action in order to prevent bigger repairs or damage to your home. If you’re in New Jersey, contact us for water heater repair at the first sign of trouble.