Things You Need To Know About Heating Repair Costs

With winter bearing down on us quickly, the last thing you want to happen is for your furnace or heating system to fail before winter even starts. There are many ways that your heating system can fail in your home, and we all know that they usually break down at the most inopportune time, usually when it is freezing cold.

If your heating system was having issues last winter, it’s a very good idea to make repairs now, before it becomes too late, and your left struggling to find enough blankets to keep your family warm. The best kinds of repairs to make to a furnace or heating system are through preventative maintenance, for two main reasons. The first, is that routine maintenance can find issues that might be common, and repair them before it becomes urgent. The second is that emergency repairs are costly, and may create more costs when they fail.

There are many common repairs that don’t have to cost you a fortune to perform, however if you wait too long to get them done, it can allow your whole system to fail.

Repairs that are the most common for heating systems in New Jersey can include the following, and fortunately not all repairs will break the bank.Depending on the age and condition of your heating system, and what maintenance need doing, repairs may cost you anywhere from $50 to over $1000.

Clogged filter

When your furnace’s filters become clogged, the airflow becomes restricted. This can reduce the efficiency of your furnace, limiting the heat it can pump out into your home. Filter maintenance is one of the quickest jobs your heating specialists can perform, and one of the cheapest, however it should be done at least every 6 months to ensure your system continues to produce enough heat to operate. Average cost $30.

Faulty pilot light

There are many possible causes of a faulty pilot light in your furnace, from faulty or bad thermocouple to internal clogs or blockages. If your pilot light does not work, neither will your furnace. Sometimes these repairs may take a little longer to correct, depending on what the actual issue is, however they are usually a simple fix once the problem is found. Preventative or routine maintenance will help to stop your pilot light becoming faulty. Average cost less than $300

Blower Issues

Problems with your blower must be handled by a professional, as the most common cause is a faulty limit switch. It requires quite a bit of experience and knowledge to repair, so will usually be a costlier exercise than other repairs. Average cost between $100 and $1200.

Clogged burner

Clogged burners will stop your whole system from running, and are best repaired before they become a problem. Preventative maintenance again is the best option here, so ask your local heating specialist to run some checks when you have your system serviced before winter arrives. Average cost between $80 and $250.

Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace is a solid indicator that there are some serious issues going on inside it. If your furnace is noisy, a mechanical failure could be burning a hole in your back pocket very soon.

It’s always a good idea to have your furnace serviced a month or two before winter to ensure it is running without issue when the cold hits. If you want to save money on what can be very expensive fixes, spend money on maintenance. Book your heating system specialists before it becomes an expensive exercise at the time you need it the least. Average price for annual maintenance check-up under $150.