This Isn’t a DIY Project: Hire a Professional for AC Installation

Even though it’s far from air conditioning weather right now, you might be thinking ahead for the summer. If your air conditioning unit stopped working or didn’t do its best last year — or if you just want to focus on making your heating and cooling more energy efficient, you might be planning on installing a new air conditioning system.

You might be thinking about installing your unit yourself, since you might have heard that you can save a lot of money by buying your own unit and doing it yourself.

Even though you might be the type of person who enjoys DIY projects around the house, AC installation is one thing that you should leave up to a professional. These are a few reasons why you should not try to install your own HVAC system.

Stay Safe

First of all, you should know that installing an air conditioning system can actually be quite dangerous. Since you have to connect your unit to your electrical system, you could put yourself at risk of being shocked when installing it. Plus, if your system isn’t properly installed, there could be an increased chance of an electrical fire in your home.

The last thing that you probably want to do is put you or your family at risk. A qualified professional will know how to hook your system up to your electrical system in the safest possible manner.

Ensure Your System is Properly Installed

If your system is not installed correctly, it won’t work correctly. Just because your unit turns on does not mean that it’s working as well as it could be. Hiring a professional will help you get the best possible use out of your system and will also help ensure that it is as energy efficient as it can possibly be.

Make Sure Your Warranty Remains Valid

One of the greatest selling points of buying a new air conditioning unit is the fact that it should come with a long warranty. This can provide you and your family with peace of mind; then, you’ll know that if something happens to your unit, you won’t have to be stuck without an air conditioning unit. Instead, you can have your unit fixed for free, or if there are major defects, you can have it replaced with a model that is similar or better.

However, there are a few ways that you can void your warranty, which means that you won’t have this coverage. One way is by failing to maintain your unit, such as by not changing your filters as you are supposed to. Another way that you can void your warranty is by not having it installed by a professional. Basically, the company might claim that the unit was damaged while you were installing it.

Even though you’ll have to pay to have your unit professionally installed, doing so is sure to be worth the price if you can preserve your warranty. Then, instead of having to worry about potentially high costs for repair over the lifespan of your unit, you’ll only have to worry about the installation costs and the basic costs of maintenance.

It can be tempting to try to tackle all of your at-home projects, particularly if you feel that it can save you money. However, installing a new air conditioning unit isn’t the same thing as many other at home DIY tasks.

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