Why Now’s The Time for HVAC Service in NJ


Before you know it, the leaves will start to change. Then, as if like seasonal clockwork, the temperatures will drop, and your HVAC unit will begin its annual cold weather cycle.

Readying your heating system for winter is part of having a succesful fall. Because when you put in the extra effort, not only will your HVAC thank you by working hard all season long, your energy bills will plummet alongside the temperatures.

So to get you ready for colder weather, here are some fall HVAC tips from your local HVAC contractor.

Schedule a tune-up. Your HVAC system needs an annual professional tune up. If you don’t already have scheduled maintenance dates, September is the best time to get this on the calendar. This is true even if you just had your HVAC system installed. It’s a great way to begin a long-lasting, and fruitful relationship with your HVAC system.

Early tune ups detect issues. The last thing you want to have to deal with is your system breaking down the first time you have to use it, or worse, when it’s freezing cold outside. That’s why the earlier in September you have the work done, the better. The age of the HVAC system isn’t an issue in this matter. It’s better to view your system’s functionality through the lens of a professional before cold weather knocks on the door.

Check and/or replace your filters. There’s a good chance that you haven’t changed your filter in a while. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. A new filter is imperative for your system, in that it keeps it working and filtering air all season long.

Clear away debris. The area around your heat pump needs to be clean and clear. Any type of foliage, overgrowth, flowers, and so on, that have breached the area, should be cleared away ASAP. These types of materials cause a lack of efficiency, and can lead to total breakdown.

Check vents for obstructions. While it’s likely that you used your HVAC for keeping your home cool this summer, fall is a great time to check in and around your vents for dust and debris. So grab the vacuum, and remove any dust that may have accumulated during summer.

Inspect windows and doors. Because your HVAC system isn’t in this alone, take a close look at your windows and doors for proper insulation. Drafty windows and doors causes your HVAC unit to work extra hard to keep your home warm in winter. So check the caulking around windows, and inspect the threshold for weather-stripping. If a large problem requires a professional, don’t hesitate to react accordingly, and pick up that phone.

Upgrade your thermostat. Old thermostats that work with a dial and some mercury are not your friends. Consider upgrading your old thermostats with new digital versions. Not only can you more accurately keep track of your home’s heat, many come with applications so that you can control it all from your smart phone.

Generator owners need assistance, too. Along with your HVAC system, generators need a professional tune-up as well. Routine maintenance in conjunction with your HVAC system will ensure that your generator is working when you need it most.

Exhaust outlets free and clear. It’s possible that you have an exhaust system to keep dangerous and noxious gases out of your home. If so, routine maintenance by a trained professional can guarantee that dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, aren’t building up, and that your home is safe.

Your HVAC system is like part of your family. It works hard all year keeping your home the right temperature, while you remain cozy and comfortable. That’s why regular maintenance is important to your system’s health and longevity.

For more information on how we can help you this fall with HVAC service in NJ, please contact us any time. As a family-owned-and-operated company, Dynamic Air Heating and Cooling performs installations, repairs, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.