How long has Dynamic Air Been in business?
Dynamic Air has been in business for 17 years.
Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee our work for 5 years.
Is the owner or a manager always present at every job if I have an issue or problem?
The owner is present at every job when an issue or a problem is present.
Do you accept credit cards or checks?
Yes we accept both credit cards and checks.
Are you licensed and bonded?
We are licensed and bonded.
Do you work weekends or provide emergency services?
We work weekends and provide emergency service- we are a 24 hour business.
What counties do you mainly service?
We serve Passaic, Essex, and Bergen County- but will provide service to other counties as well if the need arises.
Are you currently hiring?
We are hiring for service men and installers.


What is the average life expectancy of a HVAC system?
The average life expectancy of a HVAC system is 25 years.
What does HVAC stand for?
HVAC stands for heating ventilation air conditioning.
Will a bigger system perform better?
A bigger system will not perform better.
What determines if I need to replace rather than repair my unit?
The efficiency, age, and safety of the unit will determine if it needs to be replaced rather than a whole new system installed.
How do I know if I need a new heating and cooling system?
You will know if you need a new heating system by the safety, carbon monoxide leak test is completed to check the safety of the unit. Cooling system all R22 which are the old units that were used need to be replaced with 4-10A- again a technician will complete a leak test to check the efficiency of the unit.
How do I know which HVAC system is right for my home?
The tonnage to square footage is the determination of which system would be best for your home.
Which HVAC system brands do you install?
We install Rheem and Goodmen units.
Can you give me a price without an in-home consultation?
We do not give out any estimates without coming out to the home and seeing the systems.
Can I just replace the outdoor unit with an older air conditioning system to save money?
You cannot replace the outside unit with an older air conditioning unit b/c of the phase out of R22.
Do I need to have my ductwork replaced when getting a new HVAC system?
It would depend if you need to change your duct work if it is the old fiber duct or if it is not insulted on the outside.
Will I need a permit to get a HVAC system installed?
You need a permit to get an HVAC system installed.
How often should I replace my air filter?
Your air filter should be replaced 2 times a season.
How often should I check my air filter?
Your air filter should be checked monthly.
How often should I clean my air filter?
You should clean your air filter 1 time a month.
Can I clean my air filter myself?
You can clean your air filter yourself.
How do you clean an air filter?
You would clean your air filter either by changing it or washing it.
Do I have more than one air filter?
Depends on your system you can have multiple air filters.
Where is my air filter located? The air filter is located in the unit in the central part of the hallway.
How important is it to get the right size of a HVAC system?
It is very important to get the right size of the HVAC system in order for it to properly cool down your house.
What is emergency heat?
Emergency heat is a electric strip heater.
When should I use my emergency heat?
You should use your emergency heat when you need it.
Is emergency heat more expensive to operate?
Emergency heat is more expensive to operate.
Why is my emergency heat on?
Your emergency heat is on b/c there is a problem with your primary source of heat.
How often should I change my furnace filter?
Your furnace filter should be changed 2 times a season.
Does my hot water boiler need to be maintained?
Your hot water boiler does need to be maintained.
What is a low water cut off?
Low water cut off is a safety device for a boiler to indicate that there is a low level of water in a boiler to protect the boiler from cracking or running dry.