The majority of homeowners would be quick to tell you that a home without a humidifier doesn’t just result in static electricity and dry skin, it also increases energy bills and nobody wants that. At Dynamic Air Experts, we know the benefits of having a humidifier are wide-ranging and we can help install and repair any systems you might have in your home.

Humidifier for HVAC System

There are options when it comes to humidifiers, the simplest of which is installing one to your HVAC system. It’s a small machine which (usually) just fits right into your existing system. It moisturizes the heat that your system produces, which means your home will be a comfortably warm temperature.

Think about it… the weatherperson is constantly telling you it isn’t the heat that’s awful, it’s the humidity! Your home temperature is the exact same. It also means you’ll need less energy to heat your home because the air will carry the heat more efficiently when it is properly moisturized.

Furnace  and ac with humidifier residential system
Furnace and ac with humidifier residential system

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The Benefits

Benefits of having a humidifier installed by Dynamic Air Experts include:

  • The improvement of indoor air quality
  • The prevention of illness
  • Recovering from illnesses quicker
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Protecting furniture and fittings
  • Adds warmth to the home as moisture allows heat to carry
  • Boosting your skin’s moisture
  • Preserving your voice (and preventing snoring!)
  • Hydrates your house plants
  • Reduces static electricity thus lessening the likelihood of pesky static electric shocks
  • Reducing energy bills

Another benefit to having a humidifier installed to your system is that it uses less energy than a portable one that plugs into the wall. It also doesn’t need to be hauled somewhere to be refilled when it runs dry making it a far more reliable and convenient choice.

humidifier installation
Residential humidifier installation

Cost efficient, convenient, reliable, reduces energy costs

Improving your indoor air quality can go a long way in contributing to your overall wellness, so you win at every aspect of life by having a humidifier installed.

If you have never used a humidifier of any kind, talk to our team of specialists to ensure you’re getting the right system for your home and your family’s requirements. Not only can it help health-wise, but it can also increase the value of your home if you’re putting it on the market, or renting it out.

Dynamic Air Experts have decades of experience when it comes to the repair, maintenance and installation of a variety of different humidifier types. You can rest easy knowing that when you call us you are getting highly trained professionals who are committed to making your home a comfortable living space. Why not contact us to arrange an appointment with a skilled technician who can walk you through the process, assess your living space and current heating system, and provide you with a free estimate? We’d be happy to talk to you through your options.

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