Oil to Gas Conversion

If you are still running an oil heating system, you need Dynamic Air Experts.

Do you realize that you are spending more than your gas heating neighbors? And that your environmental footprint resembles that of a bigfoot? Many of our customers simply don’t realize just how much more efficient gas is.

Maybe you are already considering making the change and you are ready to convert from oil to gas. Either way, Dynamic Air Experts can help.

Benefits of converting

Gas is a clean burning fuel and highly efficient, and there are plenty of benefits from making the conversion.

Reduction in Costs.

The greatest benefit, of course, is the reduced costs. Gas is cheaper than oil and there are vast reservoirs of gas throughout the US and Canada which means there is plenty of supply to meet the demand. Which means gas is going to remain the cheaper option. Remember, oil has a long way to travel so that inflates the cost even more.


Gas is pipe delivered so you don’t need to worry about having it delivered or dealing with the hassle of pre-paying for large amounts of oil. Gas is just far more convenient.

Environmentally Friendly.

Yes, gas is an eco-friendlier option as it burns cleaner than oil. As noted above, gas, unlike oil, doesn’t need to be transported from across the world and processed like oil does, so that factors into its eco-friendliness, too.

Gas is just the best all-around option so it’s time you got around to making the conversion.

Call the experts

The good news is that our technicians at Dynamic Air Experts are standing by to take you through the process. We can provide you with optimum energy savings and the perfect comfort for your home that fits you and your budget. We can handle every aspect of the procedure and ensure that your conversion experience is effective and efficient.

  • Our technicians will install the new equipment and help you learn how to use the new system, too.
  • We will handle everything from the removal of the oil tank to the installation of the gas lines as well as the meter. The best part of dealing with just one contractor is that the process is seamless from start to finish.
  • You can live green and save money by investing in the latest gas equipment.
  • We can create a maintenance schedule to ensure your new system runs optimally all year round.

For a more cost efficient, green system, take the plunge and convert your heating system from oil to gas. It’s the heating system choice of your neighbors and friends and it’s the right decision, whether it is for your home or business.

Let us bring you into the 21st century and save you money!

Contact us to arrange a consultation where one of our trained technicians will provide you with advice on the subject, explain the process, offer a free estimate, and answer any questions that you have. Proudly serving Bergen, Passaic & Essex County NJ