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Summer heat can be brutal and you’ve no doubt been too busy to be worrying about whether your air conditioner at home is working properly – until it’s too late. You get home from work in searing temperatures, turn on the system and you get nothing but silence… or you turn it on and can’t seem to get any cool air coming from the vents.

There are a number of problems you might face with your air conditioning system and getting a professional in to assist is imperative. Air conditioning systems are not only complex, but also electrical, so attempting to Do It Yourself can not only be time consuming – but also dangerous.

The team at Dynamic Air Experts are available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within the Bergen, Passaic & Essex County NJ regions. So if you do encounter a problem with your cold air flow, we’ll be there in no time to fix it.

At Dynamic Air Experts, we understand that there’s nothing worse than having to suffer when temperatures rise; you want cool air and you want it fast.

So what are some of the common issues you might face with your installed system?

Freon Gauge

Won’t Turn On

This can be an obvious sign that something is wrong, but it could also have a simple solution. Our team will check that the breaker on the system is hooked up properly and is in the ON position, and we’ll check the fuse to ensure it hasn’t been blown. We can test your thermostat and make sure it’s set to the right temperature and ensure the program settings are all correct.

Poor Air Flow

There are a number of causes for poor air flow, the simplest of which is that your filters just need a clean. This is an easy solution and one we can fix for you in no time at all. It also means your system is actually doing fine, so it doesn’t need complex repairs. Another reason your system might be experiencing poor air flow is that the condenser unit has debris in it which is obstructing the fan. Although you might feel as though you can clean it yourself, there are complexities involved so you’re best to call our professional team to come and assist instead.

Warm Air

The last thing you want on a scorching summer’s day is to come home, turn on the air conditioner and be hit with even more heat. It your air conditioning unit turns on easily, but it blows out warm air rather than cool, it’s likely your filters are dirty (as mentioned above). But in rare cases it could be that your system has low refrigerant, which you need a professional to take care of.

If you have spent the money to invest in a quality air conditioner, you want to ensure it works when you need it most. The professionals at Dynamic Air Experts have the experience and know-how to get your system working at its best in minimal time, so you can start enjoying those summer months in the cool. Give us a call, 24/7 if your system is having problems.

Service Call to add freon. Pressure gauge showing freon is good

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