Heating Repair

Winter is difficult and the last thing that any New Jersey resident wants to do is face it without a heating system that is working at its best. When your heating system is going through a hiccup and a new system just isn’t in the budget – the good news is that repairs are possible and they aren’t always expensive. This is especially true when you enlist the assistance of qualified and reputable professionals like our team here at Dynamic Air Specialists.

There are a variety of common issues that heating systems tend to experience:

Furnace Won’t Heat

When filters become clogged they restrict the airflow that passed through the system, this leads to an inefficient system that just can’t produce enough heat to operate. This could also be an issue relating to the power, the gas, or the pilot light.

Faulty Pilot Light

There are a variety of reasons why your pilot light may constantly cut out, whether it be related to faulty thermocouples or a clog. We are trained to handle any eventuality and ensure your system is back up and running in no time.

Blower Issues

This type of situation is best handled by the professionals as the common cause is the limit switch.

Noisy Furnace

There’s nothing worse than hearing every churn, squeak, and rattle coming from the furnace and worse still, it’s an indication that there are serious troubles ahead. It could be a mechanical failure or a blogged burner, regardless of the cause you will need a trusted professional to repair it.

We can help rectify any heating system issues that you are experiencing and the heating repair services that we offer include:

  • The servicing and repair of boilers.
  • The servicing and repair of furnaces.
  • The servicing and repair of heating systems.

We can help!

At Dynamic Air Experts, we understand just how important regular maintenance for your heating system is and by scheduling annual checkups you are ensuring that your system will work at optimum performance all year round.

A properly maintained HVAC system will reduce the number of breakdowns and issues that you experience and should ensure you save money on your energy bill, too. It’s an effective way to manage your heating system, reduce your energy costs, and ensure that your heating system is providing you with the best service it can. Why make it work harder to do its job than is necessary?

We offer high levels of customer service and work with you to ensure we find a solution that works for everyone. Call us to arrange an appointment for one of our highly trained technicians to come out and inspect and diagnose your heating issues. They will take the time to review safety control settings to ensure they are correct, lubricate any moving parts, inspect the thermostat, as well as clean the pilot lights, burners, or ignition system.

We offer 24/7 emergency services and provide our customers with a full estimate, including labor and parts so there are no hidden surprises.

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