HVAC Bergen County NJ

With over 900,000 inhabitants, Bergen County has the highest population within New Jersey. Bergen is also the 16th highest per capital income in America. We have been proudly serving cities like Hackensack NJ and Fort Lee NJ for over 20 years. Northern New Jersey experiences a true cycle of four seasons, it is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The harsh weather conditions and abrupt changes in temperature can take their toll on your HVAC system, which will require extensive heating and air conditioning repairs over time. Finding a reliable and trustworthy HVAC technician to provide seasonal maintenance, yearly service, and emergency repairs for your home is crucial.

Dynamic Air has taken pride in providing leading HVAC services such as heating and air conditioning installation, repair, zoning and ductless/split air conditioning to homeowners in Bergen County since 1987. Our extensively trained and highly experienced technicians will evaluate your heating and air conditioning system concerns, supply you with an accurate estimate, and perform quality Heating and AC repairs and installation in your home.

Complete Heating & Cooling Services  in Bergen County, New Jersey

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in Bergen County NJ

Heating and cooling systems have many options available and having a reliable contractor install the correct system is crucial to preventing repairs as well as having a 24/7 emergency service available in the event that repairs do occur. Dynamic Air Experts will discuss with Bergen County homeowners from Fort Lee NJ to Garfield NJ and beyond the benefits and costs of each heating and cooling option before it is installed based on the assessment of their property, the homeowner’s preferences, and give a full estimate including parts and labor before they begin. After the heating or air conditioning system is installed, Dynamic Air Experts will be available 24/7 to answer any of your questions pertaining to your HVAC installation. For example if your furnace won’t heat, you have a noisy furnace, you have blower issues, or you have a faulty pilot light, Dynamic Air Experts will be available to speak with Bergen County homeowners.

Heating and Air Conditioning Zoning and Ductless/ Split AC in Bergen County NJ

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The harsh Bergen County weather may result in high heating bills in the winter months and high cooling bills in the summer months. Dynamic Air Experts can help lower these bills by implementing HVAC zoning in order to optimize and therefore reduce the amount of energy and/or gas needed to regulate the temperature of each room in the house. HVAC zoning will allow for precise control for comfortable temperatures in each room; the principle of HVAC Zoning is similar to that of a dimming light switch in each area, or zone, of the house, just as the light in each zone can be controlled separately from each other so can the heating and cooling in a house. For example, if the optimal temperature in the bedroom is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature of the living room is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the kitchen does not need to be any specific temperature, all three areas of the house can be programmed to be their own optimal temperatures, and turned off, simultaneously without making changes to the other rooms. The technicians at Dynamic Air Experts will be happy to provide Bergen County Homeowners with a free estimate and advice about HVAC zoning with their budgets, lifestyles, and weather conditions in mind.

Ductless/Split AC will reduce cooling cost by allowing one room at a time to be air conditioned. This will help out Bergen County Homeowners in the summertime when they want a room, such as the bedroom, to be ice cold but do not want to raise their cooling cost by cooling the whole house. This is a good option for those who own an older home in Bergen County and who want to have central air but do not have a place to run the ductwork. The technicians at Dynamic Air Experts will discuss with Bergen County Homeowners if the ductless/split air conditioning is right for
them, based on their preferences and assessment of their properties, and the other options available to them. When a Bergen County Homeowner chooses Dynamic Air Experts to install the energy efficient and effective ductless/split central air conditioning for their home, they can rest assured that they have hired the right contractor to take care of this job for them.

Other Services offered to All Towns in Bergen County

Dynamic Air Experts can also install radiant floor heating, ventilation systems, humidifiers, and chimney liners, and convert oil heating systems to gas heating systems. They will also always be there 24/7 should you ever have an issue with your HVAC system, which is a huge benefit to those living in Northern Jersey due to the rough weather conditions.