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Essex County is a densely populated and rather diverse area of New Jersey. Close neighbors, units in small locations and any other space restrictions can often make HVAC installation a little trickier than normal. However, the skilled technicians of Dynamic Air are extremely flexible and can adapt accordingly in order to fulfill your heating and air conditioning repair needs regardless of location, we have been servicing people in towns such as Newark NJ and East Orange NJ since 1987. We consider this versatility to be one of the best qualities encompassed by Dynamic Air Heating and Cooling technicians.

Complete Heating & Cooling Services  in Essex County, New Jersey


Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in Essex County NJ

Heating and cooling systems have many things in common but also have a vast array of differences as far as capabilities, parts available, and cost options.  It is critical to have a hvac contractor  in Essex County, New Jersey install the correct system or perform the appropriate repair or the costs can get out of control.  Having a 24/7 emergency service available in Essex County that you can trust is also very important in the event that repairs do occur. Dynamic Air Experts knows their customers by name and are happy to answer all questions with Essex County homeowners and beyond.  The benefits and costs of each heating and cooling option before it is installed will be based on a total assessment of their property, the homeowner’s preferences, and give a full estimate including parts and labor before we begin.  Obviously, the are simply estimates and after thoroughly going through your specific issue, there may be slight pricing changes, but we pride ourselves on being very accurate and keeping our clients informed every step of the way.  After the heating or air conditioning system is repaired or installed, Dynamic Air Experts will be available 24/7 to help you further should the need arise or answer any of your questions pertaining to your HVAC installation. For example if your furnace won’t heat, you have a noisy furnace, you have blower issues, or any of the previous problems pop up again, Dynamic Air Experts will be available to solve the problem right away.  In fact, in most cases, the owner Jon Casalaspro will answer your call personally.

Heating and Air Conditioning Zoning and Ductless/ Split AC in Essex County NJ

The harsh Northern New Jersey weather in Essex County is nothing to take lightly.  The heat in the summers will make you forget about the Northeastern storms in the winter and those same driving snow storms in the winter will make you forget about those crazy heat waves in the summer.  The calm in between does not last long.   These conditions in Essex County may result in high heating bills in the winter months and high cooling bills in the summer months if not properly addressed. HVAC zoning is a solution that Dynamic Air Experts can implement to help lower these bills by making your home more efficient and optimize the energy being used and therefore reduce the amount of energy and/or gas needed to regulate the temperature of each room in the house. HVAC zoning allows for exact control and comfortable temperatures in each room.  The main principle of HVAC Zoning is similar to that of a dimming light switch in each area, or zone, of the house, so that the heat can be controlled separately from each so both heating and cooling in a house is given the proper temperature.  Why heat the master bedroom during the day as the family room when there is no one in it?  Here is a clear example… If the optimal temperature in the bedroom is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature of the living room is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the kitchen does not need to be any specific temperature, all three areas of the house can be programmed to be their own optimal temperatures.  In fact, some rooms can be completely turned off, simultaneously without making changes to the other rooms.  Have questions?  The technicians at Dynamic Air Experts will be happy to provide Essex County Homeowners with answers, cost and free estimates and advice about HVAC zoning with their budgets, lifestyles, and weather conditions in mind.  Contact Us Today!

Ductless/Split AC will reduce cooling cost by allowing one room at a time to be air conditioned while leaving other rooms alone saving energy. This will help Essex County Homeowners in the summertime when they want a room, such as the bedroom, to be cool but do not want to raise their cooling cost by cooling the whole house. The bigger the home, the bigger the saving potential.  This is an especially good option for those who own an older home in Essex County, NJ as many of these homes have outdated systems and ductwork.  The technicians at Dynamic Air Experts will discuss with Essex County Homeowners if HVAC zoning is a wise decision for them.  All of these decisions will be based on their preferences, budgets, assessment of their properties, and the other options available to them. When a Homeowner chooses Dynamic Air Experts to install the energy efficient and effective ductless/split central air conditioning for their home in Essex County, they can be rest assured that they have hired the right hvac contractor to take care of this job for them.

Other Services offered to All Towns in Essex County

Dynamic Air Experts can also install radiant floor heating, ventilation systems, humidifiers, and chimney liners, and convert oil heating systems to gas heating systems. They will also always be there 24/7 should you ever have an issue with your HVAC system, which is a huge benefit to those living in Northern Jersey due to the rough weather conditions.

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