Top 5 Reasons to Convert Your Home’s Heating System From Oil to Gas

Energy is an expensive necessity for many households as it is used to control many electrical appliances in a home. Oil and gas are some of the common sources of fuel used for home heating solutions. While both of them have their benefits and downsides, natural gas has gained a lot of popularity because it is more effective and economical compared to oil.

If you are thinking of replacing your old oil heating equipment, then you should consider making a comparison between using oil and gas to determine which one is more suitable for your home and lifestyle. This article looks at the top five reasons why you should convert your home’s heating system from oil to gas.

1. It is Cost-Effective

Assuming both oil and gas boilers have the same fuel efficiency, the boiler operating with natural gas will be 25% less expensive to run. You stand a chance to save even more if you replace an outdated oil boiler with a modern energy star gas boiler. This is attributed to the fact that natural gas is widely accessible than heating oil making it cheaper and affordable. Although the initial cost of switching to a gas furnace may be costly, the overall savings are worth the upfront costs in the long run. Not only are you guaranteed high returns on investments, but you will also save more money over time if you choose to use natural gas over oil heating systems.

2. It is Safe and Convenient

Natural gas furnaces are safer and more convenient than oil heating systems, as they do not require regular cleaning. You can never run out of natural gas since it comes from an underground pipeline. It is important to monitor your oil levels to ensure you do not run out of your supply. However, with gas heating systems, there is nothing to worry about since you are not responsible at any point for checking the gas levels. An oil heating system requires the delivery of oil and proper care to operate at its optimum capacity.

3. Simpler Logistics and Maintenance

A truck is required to deliver heating oil to the point of use while natural gas has a central distribution system where it is supplied directly to the gas furnaces. To keep track of fuel levels, someone must schedule deliveries where they are needed. As a result, oil heating systems require a large storage tank that should undergo frequent maintenance due to the lack of utility service. An oil-fired boiler demands more in terms of maintenance since oil releases particulate matter during combustion that may cause clogging in the system components if left unattended.

4. Natural Gas is Versatile

There is much you can do other than heating your home when natural gas is at your disposal. You can use it for several household items such as heating water in the kitchen or swimming pool, lighting your gas fireplace, and drying your clothes. This makes it unique to heating oil, which is only one job material. If you can use your gas supply in various ways, then you are more likely to save on many expenses that could make your life simpler. You can save money across the board by upgrading from heating oil to natural gas.

5. It is Highly Reliable

Heating systems that use natural gas may continue to operate during emergency conditions as they are supplied directly using underline pipes. However, heating oil deliveries may be interrupted during chaos or emergencies, as they require human personnel to make deliveries physically using trucks. Since natural gas is abundant, it is more affordable than heating oil prices that may fluctuate based on scarcity and demand. Heating oil prices continue to increase over recent years, which makes many homeowners switch to natural gas, as it remains the most affordable source of home heating solutions.

It is worth the investment spending high upfront costs to convert your home heating system from oil to gas. The ultimate decision is influenced by the extent of the conversion and the kind of incentives offered by the utilities and state agencies. Generally, natural gas is more effective and affordable compared to heating oil because it is widely available. It is also reliable during emergencies since it is supplied using underground pipelines, which ensure you never run out of your supply. All these reasons make natural gas more convenient and practical compared to oil heating systems as it makes your life easier.

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