What Is An HVAC System?

Air conditioning systems are a vital part of most homes, and when it comes to getting cool in summer and getting warm in winter, an HVAC system is the best option to be able to keep comfortable all year round.

HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, and it covers a very broad range of systems. HVAC covers air conditioning systems for your home, for businesses, commercial and industrial as well as apartment blocks and hotels. HVAC is an air conditioning system that both heats and cools, with the purpose of altering the thermal control inside a building space for comfort.

HVAC for your home

Cooling and heating and systems used in your home are called HVAC systems. They are slightly smaller scale than the HVAC systems used commercially, but they are based on the same principals and used for the same purpose. The generally look slightly different, because they are designed for smaller spaces like your house. The HVAC category covers virtually all types of air conditioning systems for homes except some portable options.

Choosing an HVAC system for your home should be based on how many rooms you want to heat and cool, how much energy they use and what the costs will be to run.

Single-stage systems are the most common for homes that are small or require a single room to be heated or cooled, but multi-stage systems can easily be installed as well if your home requires a little more heating or cooling. Multi-stage systems can also be zoned, meaning you can use one control to alter the temperature at different levels of the home.

HVAC For Industrial And Commercial Spaces

HVAC systems for commercial buildings like shopping centers, offices, and retail outlets are similar to your standard home HVAC system, just on a larger scale. You can zone them between different offices, across different levels, and through different tenancies, if required. The investment is large for developers to install, however, running costs are usually paid for by the tenants in the long run.

HVAC For Apartments And Highrise Buildings

The large air conditioning units you may have seen on the top of apartment blocks or offices are larger scale versions of HVAC systems. HVAC systems in apartment blocks can be massive and compared to a home or commercial grade system; highrise HVAC systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to install. It’s a massive investment, but when it comes to comfort levels in an apartment block or highrise, it’s one of the most vital additions for any developer.

No matter the type of system you decide on for your property, there are also many options for add-ons that include humidifiers, or de-humidifiers, which can control the level of moisture in the air of your property.