5 Benefits Of Humidifiers For Your Indoor Air Quality

When winter arrives the air suddenly dries out and it leaves us with dry, itchy skin, irritated noses, sore throats, coughs, and overall irritation. A humidifier can give your home some of that much-needed moisture back and plenty of benefits along with it.

If the humidity levels in your home are too low it makes the risk of diseases being transmitted greater, so if you want to limit the sharing of the cold and flu while protecting wood within the home and keeping your skin soft… then you may find these other benefits particularly interesting.

1. Prevent Airborne Viruses From Spreading
Keeping your humidity level around 45% is considered the optimum and that alone can get rid of a vast majority of airborne viruses in your home. In fact, studies have been so convincing that researchers are now trying to increase the levels of humidity in hospitals across America. This would not only protect already ill patients from further illness, but it would protect visitors, nurses, and doctors as well. So, you can say goodbye to the entire family getting the cold with a humidifier.

2. Goodbye Dry, Chapped Skin
One of the most frustrating aspects of winter is what the dry air does to your skin. You know it needs hydration just as much (if not more) as the rest of your body, yet the dry conditions steal it all. You end up with dry skin, bloodshot eyes, an itchy nose, and chapped lips. Even when you don’t have the cold you feel as though you do. A humidifier can help you with that as it adds moisture to the air.

3. Relieve Allergy Symptoms
What better way to relieve allergy symptoms than with a humidifier. Once upon a time, the old school numbers only contributed to the spread of allergens as they created too much moisture. However, the modern models avoid that issue as they can be set to a lower level. It provides relief from inflammation in the nasal passages as well as the throat and keeps allergens at bay.

4. Relieve Sinusitis
Dry air makes your sinuses work harder, suddenly they aren’t draining properly, so if you’ve been wondering why you constantly feel congested… that’s why and you need a humidifier.

5. Faster Healing
You can rely on humidifiers to keep your throat and nasal passages well lubricated, so not only will that relieve allergy symptoms, but it will also improve asthma, and you’ll find yourself recovering from the cold much quicker than before. If you have particularly bad allergies you will notice the difference immediately as many have been designed to also purify the air. Just another benefit is the lack of nosebleeds you will experience, as those well lubricated nasal passages won’t be as prone to springing a leak.

A happy bonus for everyone else in the home is that humidifiers can also alleviate snoring. That’s not the only reason everyone will get a better sleep, though, it’s far more comfortable to sleep in a moist environment.