Things To Consider For Furnace Installation

Before winter arrives, you might be considering replacing your old furnace with a new system. Whether you’re upgrading from a system that doesn’t work anymore, or changing to a completely new style, you need to consider a number of things before you invest your money.

The most important thing you should do before purchasing a new furnace is of course, speak to a professional who can help decide what system will best suit your home. The configuration, sizing, age and the materials it is constructed from make a big difference to how the system is installed, as well as the size and type of system you should use to get the best results. Choosing the right system specifically for your home based on all the above factors will end up saving you long-term money by fitting a customized system based on efficiency.

The first thing you need to discuss with your professional installer is what type of fuel you should be using to get the best results. Gas, oil, electricity, geothermal or other eco systems running of wind and solar are all very popular options however if your home is not suited to a style because of location or accessibility, then you will be able to eliminate some options quickly with your HVAC specialist onsite.

The most common choice when installing a new system, is to install a new version of what was already installed throughout the home previously. This way any extra labor costs associated with electrical or ducting will be eliminated.

There are hundreds of brands to choose from, so it’s very important you research before deciding which brand to buy.

Average Prices for Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the most frequently used furnaces in NJ, and can be converted to propane for minimal cost, if you prefer propane to natural gas. Conversion kits usually range between $25 and $100, making it a financially viable conversion option.

Average Gas Furnace Cost $1,215

Average Installation cost $2,370

Average Prices for Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are less common in New Jersey; however they are a great option if your initial investment budget is low. However, by using electric, you will have a less effective unit, that will cost more to run than a gas system. When you are choosing an electric furnace, the brand you choose will make a huge difference. The premium brands will set you back more on supply, but will more than likely give you better efficiency.

Average Electric Furnace Cost $665
Average Installation cost $1,950

Average Prices for Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces have been around for a long time, and are more common where oil supply is easy, however due to current oil prices, they are becoming less popular every year.

Installation of oil furnaces are higher, and the requirement for a massive oil tank in your yard or basement makes it less appealing compared to the simple gas or electric models.

Average Oil Furnace Cost $1836
Average Installation cost $5780

Green Furnace Options

Solar and geothermal heating systems are becoming more popular, however there are a few requirements of your home’s location that ensure these types of systems to work efficiently. If you are in a highly shaded area, in a valley, or amongst tall buildings or tall trees, chances are your green heating systems won’t work to the desired levels. Consult with your local experts before you decide whether an ecosystem will suit your home.

If you are in a great location there are several government rebates available for green alternatives, so it’s worth looking into. Prices for green furnaces are very broad, depending on the system that will suit your home.