Tips For Not Overworking Your Aircon This Summer

Not that long ago a majority of the population weren’t lucky enough to have their homes fitted with air conditioning systems. However now, in this modern era of affordable technology, we are no longer starved of the creature comforts only the wealthy used to be able to afford. For anyone who has recently acquired their first air conditioning system, there are a few very important things you need to know before we head into summer. These tips will help to prolong the life of your air conditioner as well as save you a few dollars on your electricity bills.

Reasons not to run your system full-time

However hot it might get this summer, you really shouldn’t be running your systems full-time, and there are many reasons for that. One of the reasons is that it will cost a fortune. Over the course of the summer, you can be paying hundreds of dollars more for electricity than before, especially if your HVAC is running 24/7.
Another great reason to not run it is constantly is that it will wear out your sparkly new system pretty quickly.
Like anything else with moving parts and motors, they need rest time. If you run your car for three straight months, do you think it would last you forever? The answer is no, so the same rule should apply to your air conditioner.


When you run an air conditioning system constantly, it can also cause other problems around your home. Usually when you run an HVAC system, your doors and windows will be closed to keep the cool air in, however, what you really should be doing is ventilating your home at least once a day of the weather allows it.

Ventilation throughout your home ensures your HVAC system isn’t just recycling dirty air constantly. If it does continue to do this, it can cause health issues. It’s best to ventilate your home in the early hours of the morning before it gets too hot.

Leave it on when you are out

One of the best tips for air conditioning systems is to leave it running when you are out, just not at full capacity. If you are out and expecting a very hot day, set it so it will be moderately cool when you arrive home. Air conditioners will have to work much harder to get the air temperature down in a hot building as compared to a cooler house that has had a controlled temperature operating all day.

Block Sunlight

On your windows that receive full hot sunlight during the day, make sure you have blinds or curtains to block out the sun when your HVAC system is turned on. Sunlight will put the temperature balance out of sync and can force the system to run overtime.

Utilize your fans

Run you’re HVAC at the same time as ceiling fans. This will ensure better circulation is achieved. If you don’t have a completely partitioned full-home air conditioning system, this will circulate cooler air to the rooms where your air con won’t reach.

Change the filter regularly and schedule a yearly maintenance.