How To Test Your AC System?

Repairman checking outside air conditioning unit for voltage.

Testing an AC system might seem like such an arduous task to many. It might be slightly technical but it is not as overly complicated as many put it to be. It is, therefore, possible to do it by yourself hence saving on a lot of expenses and time that would be alternatively consumed if … Read more

Steps to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

Technician is checking air conditioner

An air conditioner is a great appliance to own especially in the summer and for those who live in tropical climates in order to ensure that the home remains cool and comfortable by making the temperatures tolerable. They have added advantages in that they are quite easy to install and their remarkable heat efficiency has … Read more

What Kind of AC Units Are There?

ac units

Air conditioners have gradually grown to become one of the most common appliances in the majority of American homes. There exist different types of air conditioners and they are uniquely built based on the space where they are to be installed. They also depend on other reasons such as the geographical location, home size, and … Read more

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Controlling the climate of your house is a critical part of your daily comfort. Nevertheless, your current AC could be hurting instead of helping. Inefficient air conditioning can leave you extremely heated up in the upcoming hot seasons. If you have made the decision to update your cooling system, you will have a variety of … Read more

Tips For Not Overworking Your Aircon This Summer

Not that long ago a majority of the population weren’t lucky enough to have their homes fitted with air conditioning systems. However now, in this modern era of affordable technology, we are no longer starved of the creature comforts only the wealthy used to be able to afford. For anyone who has recently acquired their … Read more

Advantages Of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air-conditioners have many applications in commercial and residential buildings. The most common uses are as retrofit additions to houses with other non-ducted systems like hydronic or space heaters. They are also a great option for small apartments or rooms that don’t normally get a decent quantity of air conditioning from other systems. They are … Read more