Advantages Of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air-conditioners have many applications in commercial and residential buildings. The most common uses are as retrofit additions to houses with other non-ducted systems like hydronic or space heaters.

They are also a great option for small apartments or rooms that don’t normally get a decent quantity of air conditioning from other systems. They are a great solution for rooms where ducting is not practical.

Mini split systems have two key components: an indoor air distribution unit and an outdoor condenser. A channel links the indoor and outdoor elements and covers the refrigerant tubing, the power cable, and a condensate drain for safety.

The Advantages

The main advantage that mini-split air conditioning systems have over other types is that they are a cost-effective and easy to install option for cooling and heating specific rooms. Many split systems can include up to four distribution units inside, offering multiple zone heating and cooling off the one external unit.

The quantity is based on how large or small the rooms are that require cooling or heating. In small apartments, mini split-systems are perfect for distributing even amounts of warm or cold air into each room. In a home where there is a lot of insulation, one of these systems can be just as effective as in a small apartment.

Each zoned area will be able to connect to its own individual thermostat, meaning each zone can be run at different temperatures at your own control. This means you can turn the system on and off when it is not occupied, which will save money and energy.

Easier Installation

Ductless mini split systems are much easier to install than other air-conditioning systems. Installation of a ductless system only requires a simple three-inch diameter hole to run the piping through, and the inside unit can be located up to 50 feet from the outdoor unit and still run effectively.

This means you can run a system in most rooms of your home while the outside unit is hidden in a less obvious location, creating a better aesthetic appeal.

Less Energy Loss Than Ducted Systems

Because these types of systems have no ducts, you don’t get a great deal of energy loss running between the outside and the room the air distributor is located. Duct systems can use up to 30% more energy for air conditioning, particularly if the ducting runs through an attic or another uninsulated area.

Mini split systems can be installed in a range of ways if you are building a new home, and can easily be hung from walls, ceilings and even flush mounted into a wall space. Most modern systems run off a remote control system and can be easily turned on and off as required.

There are many options available for installation of these types of systems, and there are many leading brands that offer a solution that will suit your home specifically. Choose a design that suits your property based on the size of space you need cooled and heated.