Best Temperature For Energy Efficiency

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Many homeowners find themselves in a dilemma when they have to choose between keeping their home’s thermostat at a comfortable temperature and keeping their energy bills at a minimum. The Department of Energy recommends the best average temperature to keep you are AC on. Be it a personal level of comfort, energy savings, or a … Read more

AC Maintenance Checklist

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An air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to ensure it is operating effectively and efficiently. Not only will this reduce strain on the unit’s system but also prolongs its life and prevents costly replacements or repairs. Since this unit works harder to keep you cool in summer and warm during winter, it is important to … Read more

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heater?

Heat Pump Installation Project.

A heater is a vital and essential component of every home that is often overlooked. The extreme and intolerable weather conditions from time to time make it an absolute necessity that should be properly maintained to ensure that it’s always in pristine condition or alternatively, it ought to be replaced if it becomes totally dysfunctional … Read more

What Are The Types Of Heating Systems?

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There are many types of heating systems available in the market currently. However, due to increased sentimentality and attachment to old and current heating systems, many people do not feel the need to explore the other options available in case a replacement might be necessary. There is a lot of focus on maintenance, which hinders … Read more

How To Test Your AC System?

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Testing an AC system might seem like such an arduous task to many. It might be slightly technical but it is not as overly complicated as many put it to be. It is, therefore, possible to do it by yourself hence saving on a lot of expenses and time that would be alternatively consumed if … Read more