You Better Know the Basics

Unless, you’re particularly handy, the majority of people are not as knowledgable about HVAC as say…a professional technician *cough cough* There’s a lot of parts (literally and figuratively) involved in air conditioning and it can be challenging to know exactly how each aspect contributes. The infographic below makes it a little less daunting and provides some tips to help you save money. AC might not necessarily grab your attention or be the most exciting thing (although we think its pretty cool!), but as a homeowner you should at least know the basics. We think its important that you be informed of your systems components as it facilitates in troubleshooting in case you encounter a small issue that you can actually resolve yourself. General awareness is also crucial because it allows you the ability to provide proper maintenance and know what issues need professional service. Doing so can help eliminate high AC repair costs, which nobody is a fan of!


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